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Jedes Nokia-Telefon arbeitet mit einem Betriebssystem und zugehörigen Komponenten, die natürlich auch Software-Fehler enthalten können. Aus diesem Grunde ist es möglich, dass Nokia hin und wieder eine neue Firmware-Version herausbringt, um einige bekannte Fehler zu tilgen.

Aktuelle Firmware-Version

Modell: Nokia N95-2 (N95 8GB)
Modell-Typ: RM-320
Release-Datum: 21. Dezember 2009
Version: 35.0.1

Vorherige Versionen

Version: 31.0.015 (-)
Version: 30.0.018 (28. Juli 2008)
Version: 20.0.016 (01. April 2008)
Version: 15.0.015
Version: 11.0.026


Das Nokia N95 bietet die Möglickeit, ein Update mittels USB-Datenkabel und der Nokia Software-Updater durchzuführen.

Hier findet ihr den offiziellen Link zu Nokias Update-Lösung: Nokia Software Update


Changes/improvements made from MCU SW v 20.0.016 to v 30.0.018

New features:

  • Maps 2.0 (e.g. Predestrian navigation, Traffic info, Multimedia ciry guides, stallite imagery)
  • Full N-Gage
  • Nokia Search 4.0 with Google plug-in
  • Share on Ovi (Chare Onlina 3.0)
  • Enabler for "Comes with Music"
  • Mosh & Ovi Bookmarks added to Browser


  • Download! application updated (v3.1.50)
  • New baseline for startup settings
  • New baseline/upgrade to Music Player
  • Baseline update for Flashlite 3 (improved viweing of sites like YouTube)
  • Current consumption improbements (for e.g. WLAN scanning)
  • New baseline for VoIP (with significant error corrections)
  • General error corrections

Changes/improvements made from MCU SW 15.0.015 to version 20.0.016:

New features

  • Automatic Screen Rotation (ASR)
  • Support for new combo memory added


  • Improvement when creating a voice call from WAP page.
  • Improvements to embedded video functionality in browser.
  • Sending email via browser flash plug-in improvements.


  • Mail in HTML format handling from Gmail IMAP server improved.


  • WLAN connection stability improvements
  • BT connection stability improvements with certain BT headsets
  • USB connection stability improvements


  • Voice call handling improvements after certain type USSD message receiving.


  • Stability improvements to gallery for case when there’s lot of content in Gallery
  • Improvements to switch application
  • Voicemail icon handling improvements
  • Localization corrections
  • Deletion of all contacts now possible even more than 6000 contacts in phonebook
  • Start-up functionality improvements

Changes/improvements made from MCU SW 11.0.026 to version 15.0.015:

New Features:

  • Flash Lite 3


  • General stability improvements for browser


  • Mailbox wizard correction
  • Improvements to email viewer


  • Bluetooth remote volume control improvements
  • W-Lan connectivity improvements when power save enabled
  • Improvements to W-Lan connectivity
  • W-Lan stability improvements


  • MT call improvements


  • Improvements to maps startup and closing
  • Music player maturity improved
  • Headset stability improvements
  • Correction to Chinese input in search application
  • Improvements to gallery
  • Correction to video center thumbnail creation
  • Improvements to application installer
  • Improvements to find function in music library
  • Night mode improvements in Camera
  • Correction to Sim initalization
  • Improvements to switch application
  • Performance improvements to eMMC access
  • Startup settings data updated
  • Default input method changed to BPMF when using Chinese language
  • Improvements to call history in call logs
  • Localization corrections