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Find a model by serial number

Check for manipulated serials or counterfeit devices

Generate new IMEI according to a specific model

Prove the checksum of an IMEI

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What means TAC?

Type Allocation Code, short TAC, is the initial eight-digit portion of the serial number (IMEI) of wireless devices. The TAC can be used to uniquely identifiy a device brand and model.

To get the TAC of your device, just enter the key code *#06# and read the initial six to eight digits from IMEI displayed on the screen.

What is this service good for?

In case you are going to buy a phone, use this database to check the IMEI for manipulation or fake devices. If the TAC does not match to the phone model, it can be stolen and manipulated or even a counterfeit device.

Try this database to find the correct TAC or create new IMEI serial numbers for mobile phones. Mind to use this service in legal intention and purpose only.

IMEI example:

Every 3GPP device requires a unique IMEI number identyfying brand owner and model. Each device model must be allocated a unique TAC. A new TAC is requierd for every 1 million units produced. Single transceivers or single connection devices require one IMEI, each parallel connection requires a unique IMEI and different separate transceivers require unique TACs.

[IMEI Structure]

Your support wanted

Have a look at the IMEI label under your phones battery or call the key code *#06#. Feel free to add your missing TAC to this database. Your coorperation is appreciated to keep this database up to date.
Thank you for your support.