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Nokia Beta Labs
[CENTER][Bild: pilot2.jpg]

In diesem Tread möchte ich euch die Neuheiten aus den Nokia Beta Labs vorstellen. [/CENTER]
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Text Re: Nokia Beta Labs
[CENTER]Nokia Reader

Zitat:Looking for a simple and easy to use RSS reader to manage news feeds on your Symbian^3 or S60 5th Edition device? Reader pushes your favorite news feeds to your homescreen allowing you to quickly catch up on current events. This useful application is easy to setup: Just select your favorite feeds from a pre-populated list of the major news sources or add a new feed by typing the website address and Reader will search for the RSS feed. And thanks to push notifications, battery consumption is modest and content is always fresh. Main Features: Uses push notifications Content directory Homescreen widget Supports Nokia Account Supported devices Nokia Reader is compatible with S60 5th Edition and Symbian^3 devices. Nokia Reader has been tested to work with Nokia N97, Nokia N97 Mini, Nokia X6, Nokia N8 and Nokia C7.

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RE: Nokia Beta Labs Vorstellungen

[Bild: nokia-n8-twitter-facebook.jpg]

Zitat:See live updates from your favorite social networks pushed to your home screen. With social-enabled Contacts, now you can see what your friends are up to before you make a phone call. Import Facebook events right into your phone's calendar. Seamlessly send photos and videos from within your phone's camera—simply shoot and share! Update your status with location and points-of-interest, making it easier than ever to share news, make plans and stay connected.

Currently supported Facebook features:

- Post status update
- Post status update with location (i.e., the closest address or point of interest, for example, a restaurant, hotel, etc.)
- View Inbox/Sent folder
- View message
- Reply to message
- Compose new message
- Delete message
- Mark read/unread message
- View feed lists and feed items
- View comments associated to a feed item
- Add comments to a feed item
- Add like a feed item
- Unlike a feed item (i.e., remove a “Like” from a feed item)
- Alert counts display (# of unread message, # Friend requests, # Event Invitation)
- View Friends request list
- View Event Invitation list
- Accept/deny friend request
- Accept/deny/maybe an event invitation
- View own/friend's wall
- View own/friend's profile information
- Post on friend's wall (text only)
- Call/send SMS to a friend
- View upcoming event list
- View upcoming birthday list
- Import birthday and event into device calendar
- Upload single photo
- Upload single photo with tags
- Upload multiple photos
- Upload photo/photos to specific album
- View photo albums
- View photos within an album
- View tags on photos
- Upload video
- Friend Search
- View Friend List
- View status updates directly in Contact Card NEW
- Linked contact indicator in Friends list for quick access NEW
- Add caption when sharing pictures from camera NEW
- High res photo uploads NEW

Currently supported Twitter features:

- Post tweet
- View friend's and own tweet list
- Reply to a tweet
- Favorite/un-favorite a tweet
- Delete own feed
- @mention (own user)
- View friend's profile, view own profile
- Direct message (Access to Inbox)
- Send a direct message
- Reply to direct message
- Delete a direct message
- View favorite list
- Retweet NEW
- View followers list NEW

Currently supported Renren features:

- Post status
- View friend's activity updates (includes number of comments and likes)
- View user’s own activity updates
- View comments on status update
- Comment on status update and photo upload feeds
- Upload photo
- View friends’ profile, view own profile
- Friend Search

Whats new with Social 1.3:

Contacts improvement:
Status update directly in Contact Card
Linked contact indicator in Friends List

Share improvements:
Add caption when sharing photos from camera
Removing photo upload compression > high resolution picture upload

Facebook/Twitter enhancements:
View followers list

We are working to provide more enhancements in future releases, such as automatic Contact linking, Facebook notifications, new widget functionalities, and more. Stay tuned.

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RE: Nokia Beta Labs Vorstellungen
[CENTER]Nokia Sleeping Screen

Zitat:Nokia Sleeping Screen makes your phone stand out from the crowd by painting beautifully crafted images on the sleeping screen.

It is not only about aesthetics - Nokia Sleeping Screen is highly useful, too. With just a glimpse you’ll be able to see missed calls, unread text messages, and reminders presented with clear icons and animations.

Nokia Sleeping Screen gives you an enjoyable view to sleeping phone while it maintains the battery operating time of your phone.

Available for Symbian^3 phones, such as C6-01, C7-00, N8-00, and E7-00. Nokia Sleeping Screen has been verified on latest S^3 SW versions and is known to work with the latest Qt versions 4.6.4 and 4.7.2.
  • Features

  • Personalization by selecting the appearance of the phone.
  • Time & date always visible with a glimpse of the phone.
  • Rich visual notifications of missed calls, sms, and calendar events.
  • Night clock mode setting to dim the appearance for night period.
  • Very clear battery charging indication with animation.
  • Low power consumption, descreased even further by turning screen off when phone is covered for example in a bag or your pocket

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